Makassar: Warung Pangkep Sop Saudara Jl. Irian

Makassar: Warung Pangkep Sop Saudara Jl. Irian

It seems that the naming process of a shop or restaurant based on the street where it is located on has become quite a common procedure for culinary purveyors in the city of Makassar. One fine example is Warung Pangkep Sop Saudara Jl. Irian, which clearly informs us that the joint is situated on Jalan Iriain.

This establishment, which was founded in the 1970s, is the expert when it comes to Sup Saudara (spicy beef soup). With one other branch to its name, this place is very much a firm favourite of the locals for a bowl of Sup Saudara, and many would agree it serves the best- tasting Sup Saudara in town.

Being in close proximity to Pasar Sentral Makassar has lent the shop a huge advantage in the form of a huge crowd of customers almost every single day, especially considering that it is possibly the only Sup Saudara joint in Makassar that is open 24/7. I encountered a bit of a problem here while trying to obtain a place to sit not too long ago. It was 12pm sharp and the shop was at its most packed. The slightly boiling weather outside led to quite a few sweat patches as I waited for a vacant table.

Warung Pangkep Sop Saudara Jl Irian

After about ten minutes, I finally managed to secure the perfect spot to enjoy my lunch. I spotted a few rows of bowls just behind the counter that were ready to be filled with soup. We are able to select from the different ingredients for the soup here, including Hati Sapi (beef liver), Babat (beef tripe) and Kikil (beef trotters). I opted for a mixture of beef and Paru Goreng (fried beef lung).

To the casual eye, its broth resembles a Coto Makassar (Makassar beef soup) – including its colour. What differentiate them from one another are their ingredients. Sup Saudara features Mihun and Perkedel Kentang, and each spoonful of its broth is refreshing and delectable.

The addition of a few squeezes of lime juice and a dab of sambal are more than enough to enhance its flavour. The tender beef and crispy Paru Goreng are palate-indulging wonders, and in just five minutes, I completely finished my bowl of Sup Saudara. “This is the best Sup Saudara that I’ve ever tasted” were the only words that I could mutter to myself afterwards.

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Jl. Dr. Wahidin Sudiro Husodo (Jl. Irian), Makassar
Open 24 hours daily
Rp.30,000/US$2.30 per person

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