6 Best Nasi Uduk in Jakarta

With its status as an authentic Betawi dish and part of its culture, one can find Nasi Uduk (fragrant coconut rice with side dishes) in Jakarta without even breaking single drop of sweat. In terms of taste, we believe that the city’s legions of culinary enthusiasts each have his or her own preferences and standards. Interestingly, while some people eat Nasi Uduk for breakfast in the morning, a lot of eateries in town serve Nasi Uduk for dinner. Here is a list of Nasi Uduk joints in Jakarta that we feel deserve a place on your list of must-visit eateries.

Nasi Uduk Kebon Kacang Puas Hati IbuTati

Personally, I consider this place the main attraction of Kebon Kacang. Its tasty Nasi Uduk lends an unforgettable delicious sensation with every spoonful that pampers both the palate and the tummy.

Jl. Kebon Kacang 1, No. 63, Central Jakarta
T: 021 391 9031
Open daily from 12pm-12am

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Nasi Uduk Gang Buni

Founded by Tan Pang Nio in 1958, Nasi Uduk Gang Buni is now run by his son Engko Ali. Its flavourful Nasi Uduk – combined with its flawless Ayam Goreng (fried chicken) – has managed to amass more than a truckload of loyal customers. Add to that its hospitable staff, and it is no surprise that this place is always packed on a daily basis.

Jl. Mangga Besar I, No. 42C, West Jakarta
T: 0838 7575 7515
Open daily from 6am-10pm, Mondays from 4.30pm-9.30pm

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RM Ayam Goreng dan Nasi Uduk Sederhana H. Saman

This modest-looking warung found by the side of the road on Jalan Kebon Kacang 9 has been in the Nasi Uduk and Ayam Goreng business since 1963. It offers three refreshing sauces that enhance the flavour of its already delicious signature dish. I am quite certain that you will end up having more than two portions of its Nasi Uduk while you are there.

Jl. Kebon Kacang 9, No. 15, Central Jakarta
Open daily from 5pm-12am

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Nasi Uduk dan Nasi Ulam Ibu Yoyo

As its name suggests, this shop is renowned for its Nasi Uduk and Nasi Ulam (mixed herb rice). Found in Karet Pedurenan in the Kuningan area, Nasi Uduk dan Nasi Ulam Ibu Yoyo has been around since 1952. Experience the true flavour of Betawi cuisine here, and have a go at its delicious and odourless Semur Jengkol (dogfruit stew).

Jl. Karet Pedurenan, Gang Dogol, South Jakarta
T: 021 9821 3513
Open daily from 7am-10pm

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Nasi Uduk Kota Intan

Nasi Uduk Kota Intan may not be as well known as the more famous Nasi Uduk sellers in Kebon Kacang, but believe you me when I say that a plate of its Nasi Uduk will be able to prise the widest of smiles from your face. Its trademark dish is so heavenly to the point where I would even say that it might just be the best Nasi Uduk in town.

Jl. Samanhudi (across GKI Samanhudi), Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta
Open daily from 6pm-2am

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Nasi Uduk dan Ayam Goreng Mat Lengket

One of the busiest and most crowded Nasi Uduk joints that I’ve ever visited; the people who come here behave as if they are afraid of missing out on its Nasi Uduk and Ayam Goreng. Its juicy and savoury Ayam Goreng is the main reason why this eatery is often packed with customers every day.

Jl. Raya Bekasi KM 17, Klender, East Jakarta
T: 021 4786 9747
Open daily from 5pm-9pm

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