Exploring Peranakan Culinary in Jakarta

Exploring Peranakan Culinary in Jakarta

The Chinese Peranakan culture has contributed a great deal to the beauty of our diverse customs and traditions in Indonesia – including our cuisine. It all began with the arrival of merchants from China long before the Republic of Indonesia came into existence. They then settled down and brought about a very significant influence to this great nation’s amalgamations of cultures.

We are able to sample the multifariousness of the Peranakan cuisine at a number of locations in Jakarta. The following are a few joints that have been putting forward authentic Peranakan dishes, with some among them having earned legendary status in town.

Restoran Trio

Sited in Gondangdia in Central Jakarta, Restoran Trio has a long history behind it. Founded

in 1947, it is one of the longest standing restaurants in Jakarta. It offers 300 different menu

items – including Cantonese, Indonesian and Dutch food – all ready to satisfy your palate

and tummy. One must-try dish here is its Ayam Nanking (chicken with minced shrimp meat).

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Shantung Kitchen

Found in Kelapa Gading – an area north of Jakarta known for being one of the culinary hubs of the city – this place offers a variety of oriental delights. Best among them are its Kuotie (Chinese dumplings), Swikiau (shrimp dumplings) and Sekba (pork offal soup). Shantung Kitchen gets the thumbs up from the Managing Director of Good Indonesian Food, who describes it as the “best restaurant for oriental food in Jakarta.”

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Cahaya Kota

With a smorgasbord of Chinese treats and a capacious shop, Cahaya Kota is the leading light among the eateries on Jalan Wahid Hasyim in Menteng. Established in 1943, it only moved to its current location in 1962. Cahaya Kota is the best choice for a meal with friends and family due to its homely atmosphere, tasty food and top-notch service.

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Kopi Es Tak Kie

Unlike the other joints on this list, Kopi Es Tak Kie is a coffee shop. However, it is not just your average coffee shop. A classic place rich in history, it was founded in 1927 during the Dutch occupation era. You could still lap up the oriental ambience of yore from its atmosphere and the appearance of its counter.

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Since it began operating in 1973, this restaurant has never been lacking in customers. Rendezvous certainly knows how to satisfy its loyal punters, owing much to its long history. With its sizeable food portions and affordable prices, it is small wonder that Rendezvous has managed to net such a great number of patrons.

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