Launching Peta Kuliner Nusantara

An encyclopaedic guide to our country’s food and beverages – dubbed Peta Kuliner Nusantara – was introduced for the first time in the history of the Indonesian culinary world on November 26, 2016. The unveiling, which was called Launching Peta Kuliner Nusantara or LENGKUAS for short, was organised by Sobat Budaya and saw the likes of the President of Bandung Fe Institute and founder of Sobat Budaya Hokky Situngkir, Sobat Budaya chairman Siti Wulandari, and historian JJ Rizal attending, while JNE commissioner Johari Zein took on the roles of interviewee and speaker.

1,458 food and beverage recipes were collected by Komunitas Sobat Budaya across the country and they are sorted and stored in Perpustakaan Digital Budaya Indonesia (digital library of Indonesian culture) for public access at

Our vast culinary lexicon is internationally famous, to the extent that even Rendang (spicy meat dish) and Sate (satay) are known to be classified as two of the most delicious dishes in the world. However, a systematic effort to map this cornucopia of traditional culture was non-existent, which pushed Sobat Budaya to cast their eyes on the research results at Bandung Fe Institute, Research Center for Complexity at Surya University – the body that has done the groundwork on thousands of traditional delicacies.

Among the ocean of data gathered, around 50 types of Soto (soup), more than 60 different satays, and no less than 100 kinds of sambal and sauces were discovered across the archipelago. Each and every sauce and sambal has its own configuration and element of non-identical ingredients, which lend a unique flavour for our taste buds.

Through Peta Kuliner Nusantara, the general public are able to distinguish between the many local delights from all regions in Indonesia and learn the relationship that links the cuisine of one area to the other.

Two essential characters that always accompany the unique taste of Indonesia’s traditional cuisines are their story, narration, or philosophy behind them and the multitude of Indonesian seasonings and ingredients that come from our abundant spices. In other words, Peta Kuliner Nusantara holds the codes that make up the knowledge of the country’s cultural heritage and plethora of spices.

Peta Kuliner Nusantara is available in the form of a digital mobile app called “Peta Kuliner Nusantara” and can be downloaded for free by both Android and iOS smartphone users.

Apple iOS:

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