Makassar: Sop Konro Bawakaraeng

Besides its variety of tantalising seafood dishes, South Sulawesi is also home to delicious beef delicacies. The likes of Coto (beef soup), Pallubasa (offal soup), Sup Konro (rib soup), Konro Bakar (grilled ribs), and Sup Saudara (spicy beef soup) should not be missed by your palate and tummy if you’re visiting the area.

During a quick sojourn in Makassar – the capital city of South Sulawesi – I took the opportunity to sample these delightful local treats. “Sop Konro Bawakaraeng! It might not be a familiar name to visitors, but the locals consider its Sup Konro the best in Makassar”, my local driver explains after I asked him about the best place for a bowl of Sup Konro in town. I followed his advice and off we went to the eatery on Jalan Gunung Bawakaraeng.

Modest and not exceptionally capacious, the place has limited parking space – two to three cars at one time – which may prove problematic during peak hours. We got there at around 11am, and only a couple of customers were present. I could see the cook frantically preparing cuts of beef ribs to anticipate the busy lunchtime crowd. I ordered its Sup Konro along with a plate of steamed rice. As I waited for my food, I thoroughly observed the process of its assembly.

sop konro bawakaraeng sop konro bawakaraeng

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The size of the beef ribs here is smaller than those that I’ve seen before. Intrigued, I inquired about their peculiar proportions to the chef. “We use local cows, which is why the size of the ribs here are quite small,” he says. Satisfied by his short response, I headed to a vacanttable and sat myself down.

Not long after I took my seat, my Sup Konro came around. At first glance, its broth does not look too concentrated, but one sip introduced my palate to its refreshing and savoury taste. In all my life, I have yet to come across such a composition in a Sup Konro. The deliciousness and tenderness of its beef ribs hypnotised all my senses. It was one of the most perfect meals I have ever had.

Founded in the 1960s, Sop Konro Bawakaraeng is open from 10am but its closing time is dependent upon its food supply. Its popularity means that it would do you good to pop by early before it runs out of beef ribs and close early.

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Jl. Gunung Bawakaraeng No. 146, Makassar
T: 0821 8908 5927
Open daily from 10am
Rp.50,000/US$3.80 per person


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